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Mannrisers Foundation is Commited to Special Needs and Underprivileged Children. We are empowering Tomorrow’s Heroes.

“Education can be imparted in the initial years of the child’s life which will become the foundation for his entire life.”

Our Vision
To create a world where every individual, regardless of their background or abilities, has the opportunity to realize their potential and lead a life of dignity and purpose.
Our Mission
We are dedicated to uplifting underprivileged communities and empowering children with special needs. We strive to provide access to education and holistic support, fostering an inclusive society where compassion and opportunity thrive. 

Our Goal

Our old Gurukulam system was to impart Education that would develop the person in all 5 areas. We believe that these 5 fundamentals can help India progress beyond books to an enriching future.


At Mannrisers Foundation, Yoga and Meditation are a part of curriculum which
makes the children to be happy without any reason.


Activate and develop left/right brain through 4 pillars: Language, Creativity, IQ, Knowledge. Engage children with interactive tools and kits, fostering a playful approach to learning and exploration.


We encourage self-expression using Nav Rasas: Joy, Compassion, Anger, Courage, Disgust, Fear, Surprise, Love. Includes anger management, gratitude, and fostering emotional awareness.


Apart from World class Education, we make children experience our rich Indian Tradition, cultures and festivals. We teach children peace, kindness and harmony.


We promote physical strength and immune system development through activities like dance, skating, karate, Bharatnatyam, and more. Encouraging exercise and fostering a love for fitness in children of all ages.


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Parents Love


Mannrisers Foundation has been a blessing for our child. The personalized attention and nurturing environment have helped our child thrive academically and emotionally. Highly recommended!

Symphony A mother

We are grateful to Mannrisers Foundation for instilling a strong sense of cultural values in our child. The integration of Indian traditions into education has made a significant impact on their overall development. Thank you!

Sanjay A father

We love the no-exam policy at Mannrisers Foundation. It takes the pressure off our child and allows them to focus on understanding concepts rather than rote memorization. The approach has transformed their attitude towards learning.

Damini A mother

Choosing Mannrisers Foundation was the best decision for our child. The motherly interaction by teachers creates a warm and nurturing environment. Our child feels safe and loved while gaining a quality education. Highly recommended for all parents!

Shubham - Nandini Parents


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