where every child rises to shine
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Education makes you sufficient but Skills make you efficient. πŸŽ“

Early Childhood Development and Enhancement Classes

🎯 It develop Verbal Communication skills.
🎯 It recreates Innovative skills.
🎯 It develops Curiosity skills
🎯 It develops Listening skills
🎯 It enhances Creativity skills.
🎯 It improves Vocabulary
and many more

Give your child the best foundation and let them explore a world full of opportunities.

Early Childhood Skill Development

Empowering the foundation

Uprisers Preschool offers an innovative skill development program designed to nurture young minds. Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on fostering cognitive, emotional, and social abilities in children aged 1 to 9 years. Our safe and engaging environment encourages exploration and growth, ensuring every child develops a strong foundation for a successful future. Join Uprisers Preschool today and witness your child flourish with confidence and competence.Β 


Our Four Pillars

Details about program

Age group (1-12 yrs)
3 levels program
6 months duration per level
Thrice a week classes
2 hours per session
6:1 Teacher child ratio
where every child rises to shine